Frank Buglioni Interview (by Gary Smith)


Frank “the Bug” Buglioni has his third professional fight on 10th February on the Kevin Mitchell undercard when he takes on Ryan Clark at York Hall.
Buglioni didn’t waste too much time in his first two fights, stopping both Sabie Montieth and the normally durable Paul Morby in the first round.
His team will be hoping that Clark, who has been stopped only twice in 54 fights will be able to extend him for a few rounds but don’t put it past Buglioni making this another early night.

GS – Many boxing writers are tipping you as one of their top prospects for 2012. Does that put any pressure on you?

FB – I think professional boxing is all about dealing with pressure, so myself and Mark Tibbs have already begun putting procedures in place to help combat the pressure and thrive on it. I feel privileged to be thought of as a top prospect already, and that gives me the motivation to keep striving to succeed.

GS – You lost to John Dignum in the ABA semi-finals on a controversial points decision. Now that he has also turned pro is there a possibility of a fight and do you think your style in the pro’s beats his?

FB – John Dignum is a class act, a slick counter puncher. He has already adjusted well to the pro game and a fight between us is definitely a possibility, if we both continue to do well. I feel I have the edge in power, whilst he has nice footwork and movement. I wish him all the best, and if the re-match does happen it will be a great fight and I know between us we would sell out York Hall!

GS – Other than Dignum what other prospects did you fight in the amateurs and how did you fare?

FB – I boxed Hosea Burton who has recently turned pro with Joe Gallagher, we had a great clash for a spot in the GB box offs, where i won on points. That could be another fight for the future. I also boxed Anthony Ogogo, I lost that fight on points, but I think that could be a very good fight over longer rounds.

GS – Your first 2 pro fights against Sabie Montieth and Paul Morby have both ended with victory in the first round. Was the choice of Ryan Clark, who has been stopped only twice in 54 fights designed to get you some rounds?

FB – Ryan Clark is a very tough, strong fighter so we will be looking to get some rounds out of him.

GS – Are you likely to be fighting for any titles this year?

FB – It’s too early to say, my progress will be decided by how I perform in upcoming fights and sparring in the gym. I am in no rush to win titles. As long as I am learning and improving then I am happy.

GS – You have had considerable support at your first 2 fights. Is it mainly family and friends or do you already have a fanbase?

FB – I am fortunate enough to have a large number of supporters from family and friends, but the support is really starting to grow. February 10th will see the largest number of support to date.

GS – What made you decide to take up boxing?

FB – I took up boxing in my early teens to get fitter and stronger for football, but after a year of boxing training I gave up the football and decided to put all my efforts into boxing.

GS – Do you have another job to supplement your boxing income ?

FB – I work as a building surveyor, in a family run business.

GS – How do you balance your job as a building surveyor when you are training for a fight?

FB – Mark Tibbs is flexible with times so we always manage to fit training in, be it before or after a days work.

GS – Who is a) the best boxer and b) the hardest puncher you have faced at pro or amateur level ?

FB – Anthony Ogogo was the best boxer I have faced and John Janes, a Welsh fighter was the hardest puncher I have faced. Vijender Singh was the most over-rated.

GS – Who are your boxing heroes?

FB – I loved Arturo Gatti’s fights, his heart and determination is something to be admired. Oscar De La Hoya is probably my favourite fighter though, stylistically he takes some beating.

GS – You are trained by the Tibbs family. What do they do that attracts so many top fighters to train at the TKO gym?

FB – Mark & Jimmy have a winning formula, with years of experience mixed with up “to the minute” training techniques. They both have great enthusiasm and in the words of Mark Tibbs “no stone is left unturned.” The respect they have from the boxing fraternity and all of their fighters speaks for itself. Im thankful they are in my corner and not my opponents.

GS – Where would you most like to headline a fight?

FB – I would love to headline any of the big venues in London. Somewhere all my support could get to!

GS – What do you do with your time when you are not training for a fight?

FB – I like to spend time with family and friends when I’m not training. I usually relax by watching films or old boxing fights.

GS – Who are your closest friends in boxing?

FB – My closest friends in boxing are all the men I train with, Billy Morgan, Kevin Mitchell, Colin Lynes, Freddy Turner and Tom Baker and of course, Mark and Jimmy Tibbs. I also remain very close to the boys on the Olympic Team.

GS – You have sparred with Carl Froch, James DeGale and George Groves. What were they like and how did you measure up against them?

FB – I sparred DeGale and Froch whilst I was still an amateur so I only did around 3 or 4 rounds each time, so I was able to move and box at range before their strength really came into play, but I could feel their power and confidence during the spars. When sparring Groves before my first fight, he had 3 sparring partners and was boxing each of us consecutively. I had a good 3 rounds with him, but could also feel his experience as the rounds progressed.

GS – What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2012?

FB – I would like to have another 4 or 5 good wins before the end of the year and keep moving up the rankings.

GS – Finally, is there any message you have for boxing fans?

FB – Thank you for the continued support and I hope to keep entertaining and showing improvements! I would also like to thank my sponsor Pride Scaffolding.

Frank Buglioni’s fight on 10th February on the Kevin Mitchell undercard has sold out but if you would like to purchase tickets for his future fights contact him direct on his Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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